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JHK aerotech is a development service provider arised out of the institute of jet propulsion and turbomachinery of the University of Braunschweig. During his time at IFAS the founder Dipl.-Ing. Jan-Hendrik Krone was responsible for planning and building up the Propulsion Test Facility (PTF) Braunschweig and finally brought that new facility into service for scientific and industrial research programs. With that interdisciplinary test environment, the University of Braunschweig has filled a gap regarding test capabilities of coupled fan-intake-experiments in Europe. Since 2016 the PTF Braunschweig performs researches in order to support the development of future Ultra-High-Bypass jet engines for civil aerospace applications.

Fields of activity

  • Managing of the building project from the institute side

  • Scientific concept studies regarding promising testing concepts and facility setups

  • Design and implemenation planning

  • Representing the interests of the institute during design and implementation phase

  • Europe-wide solicitation for purchasing large devices to be implemented in the facility

  • Managing and supervision of implementing the large devices inside the facility

  • Development and comissioning of a Safety-Integrated-System for ensuring functional safety of the facility (SIL2)

  • Supervision of the facility commissioning including all main and sub systems

  • Concept, design, manufacturing and commissioning of the first test rig for the facility validation campaign

  • Conducting the facility validation campaign and final declaration of operational readiness

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