Windtunnels and testing facilities

Special wind tunnels for the fundamental research on compressor and turbine profiles

Special wind tunnels for the calibration of flow measurment devices such as flow probes

Test rigs for researches and commissioning of new stages or complete compressors (in case of multi-stage applications)

Test rigs for low speed blowers (with and without stator)

Exhaust systems for fire tests


  • Nozzles

  • Diffusors

  • Turning devices

  • Static mixers

  • Flow conditioners

  • Heat exchangers

  • Flow straighteners

  • Turbulence meshes

  • Sound absorbers

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We cover competences in the fields of design, flow and structural simulations as well as automation technologies. Our main business case is to develop components and systems based on customer specifications including all aspects of manufacturing and commissioning. Our customers come from research institutes, industry and defense.

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